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Frequently asked questions can leave you puzzled at times.

How many points do you charge?

Typically 2 points for debt or equity (paid at closing). The lender may charge origination percentage or fee at closing.

What types of projects does your Capital Conduit Partners fund?

All asset classes of Commercial, SFR, muti-family real estate.
including: Vacant land, rural areas, mobile home parks, single family developments, mines, channels, parking lots and more,

LOCATED in United States, Canada and most international USA friendly countries.

IF COLLATERAL IS REQUIRED can be Commercial Real Estate, cash or equity in project.

LOAN TYPES include: Purchase, Refinance, Rehab, Debt Restructuring and Ground up Construction
Including: Business Equity, Joint Venture, Equipment Loans and more.

If due diligence is required who pays the fees?

Next Step capital does not charge any upfront fees. However, Due diligence is required on most commercial projects. These fees are paid by the borrower. Due diligence may include appraisals,  market analysis,  legal fees and borrower background checks.  The amounts requested for due diligence deposits vary. These fees are paid to the Due diligence company or the lender,not to Next Step capital Funding.

read fine print

Next Step Capital advises that you thoroughly read all documents. Especially, when offered the soft or hard Letter of Intent. We would be happy to assist you and take a look any LOI you have received at no charge.

We know that you have many more questions. Next Step Capital Funding has an open door, open line policy. Since we provide services to all 50 states and most international countries, we have extended hours. Call or text us at 302-384-2322 24 hours a day 7 days a week including Saturdays, Sundays and each and every holiday. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You may also email us anytime at funding@nextstepcaptialfunding,com. If we are with a client or otherwise not available we shall respond within 24 hours.

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