Use Unsecured Cash for your Fix and Flip project or Start-up Capital








$20,000 – $200,000
Funds as early as 10 Days
Revolving Lines of Credit with Only a One Time Success Fee
No Income Documentation
No Verification of Employment
No Business Plan necessary
No Upfront Fees
No Application Fees

FUNDING REQUIREMENTS (these are flexible depending on other factors):

Minimum 680 Credit Score (unless client or family member is Active or Retired Military)

NO Upfront Fees
One Time Backend Success Fee of 15%- After you recieve your cash

Call 302-384-2322 or click here to request additional information.

Many of our Clients have profitable projects, great credit and need assistance with the down payment.  Next Step Capital Funding has partnered with several sources that can provide you with cash.

Credit Requirements Minimum 680 Credit Score

We will review your credit report and provide a quote within 24-48 hours.

Our guidelines for submitting files is simple

Submit for Quote

Email the most recent credit report or go to Sign up for a free  tri-merge credit report and print the credit reports .(NOTE: Be sure to cancel the Credit Check Total

Provide the log in information (login password and last 4 digits of your social security number) so that we can pull the most recent credit report to review…  Also let us know if income is verifiable and the amount of income.  This will let us know if we can go for cash loans

We turn quotes over pretty quickly unless after hours, then it will be the next morning.

If you  accept quote and wants to move forward:

Best Regards,

Maverick Robinson

Maverick Robinson

Next Step Capital Funding

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302 384 2322

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